Luxe Face | Immunity Serum
Luxe Face | Immunity Serum
Luxe Face | Immunity Serum
Luxe Face | Immunity Serum
Luxe Face | Immunity Serum
Luxe Face | Immunity Serum

Luxe Face | Immunity Serum

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Our Immunity serum was formulated to support skin toning, increase elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Once applied to the skin, you will experience a soft brightened skin texture.  With rosehip as a star ingredient, you get powerful Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, doses of Vitamin C, Gamma Linoleic Acid, and other essential fatty acids. Other ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, and hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants.  This unique blend of soy proteins has been known  to reduce visible signs of wrinkles within 30 minutes of application.  


  • Contains many effective antioxidants
  • Protects against internal and external free radical damage
  • Lightweight formula layers well under other products
  • Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles | Individual results may vary 
  • Best used at night
  • Contains a light, natural scent. ( No added fragrance)

Consider your skin type and concerns. The best anti-aging serum for you will depend on individual skincare needs.  Once you determine your goals and preferences, you’ll then need to look for products with the appropriate active ingredients to target those concerns.

Think about your skincare routine. You’ll need to determine if our new  will fit into your current skincare routine before deciding on a product. Some active ingredients are more suitable for daytime (like vitamin C), while some should only be used at night (like retinol). You’ll also want to ensure the new product will agree with any other active ingredients that might be in your current products. We recommend a patch test before fully incorporated it into your daily routine. 

Don’t forget SPF. If you are not applying sun protection, especially if the ingredients in your anti-aging serum are sensitizing, the sun damage makes virtually all other anti-aging efforts useless. So, be sure to slather on your favorite favorite sunscreen as the last step in your morning skincare routine for the best preventative anti-aging method available. Also, re apply as needed and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Product Size: 200 ML