Delivery + Ownership Updates

Black Widow is here; she was delivered Saturday, August 21st.

I officially joined the EV family this past weekend, and It was The Best decision ever. #TeslaModel3 #EV

Delivery was so fast That I almost missed it. Our car was originally scheduled for 10 am. However, the night before, we got an automated call that we were going to get our vehicle delivered between 10:00 am to 12:00pm.

While our delivery experience was terrific, if you don’t want miles on your car, you can pick it up at th Tesla Showroom. Our delivery advisors helped up set up profiles and answering questions. Now, if you are trading in a car, your advisor will drive it back.

The car that I traded to Tesla was registered in California, and the tags were set to expire on August 24. Since I sold my car on the 21st, I had to notify the California Department motor vehicle of the change in ownership and mail copies of the trade-in. * If you live in a state that doesn’t require you alert them, then you are okay.

What we learned;

It would help if you had Wifi built into the car for updates. We received the car with the last update of 2020. There was a recent update that we aren’t able to download because you need a strong Wi-Fi connection.

What we learned about charging our car the first week:

1. the first day, we charged our car at our home charger. We changed from 50% to 80% for 4 hours via a shared stall.
2. The second day we charged our car at our local supercharging station from 50% to 90%, and it only took 1 hour via a shared stall. A shared stall is a stall where two people are charging their car at the same time.

Black Widow

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