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I did my first big Chop in 2013 not knowing much about the hair or the journey or what that would entail I just knew I really needed a fresh start and I was entertaining the thought of being a natural in hopes of saving money so that I wouldn’t have to relax my hair anymore and go to the hairdresser every two weeks.

I realize shortly after that some of the product that I was using were drying out my hair and that I was washing my hair way to much so I actually did go to the hairdresser to kind of help me in between my washed weeks and to keep my hair trimmed.

Shortly after 2014 I actually went back to grtting my hair relaxed because I thought it was easier for me to maintain and that the natural hair journey just was not for me.

This time I’ve been should I go and got my hair colored and it was OK for a while but then I really started missing my natural curls and wet that journey meant for me . Cutting my hair gave me a sense of purpose give me a sense of renewed confidence in myself that society tells us is not possible you have to have straight hair you have to look a certain part but I really wanted to embrace who I was and I feel bad for it it .

So a lot of my hair to transition slowly back to being natural and I started to notice that the ends of the hair word totally dead and that I needed to cut that off before the hair traveled up and I would soon be cutting off more than what I wanted so in 2017 I did a Nother big job and truly started researching hair journey hair products and embraced my natural curls a little bit more.

So now in 2018 I feel like I have a little bit more control over what I do with my hair and it’s totally a healthy state I really appreciate you know going through the journey with my hair and it being more receptive to eating better, drinking more water, and retaining some of the products that I’m.using now.

I’ve learned that my hair is 4C which is one of the tightest girls and that moisture and oils are you essential. However, I have also learned that deep conditioning my hair is also key to my survival and that shampoo no matter what brand it dries out my hair so I opted for Cowashing often and alternating protective styles.

My go-to styles are wigs, braids, twist, and Bantu knots.

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