Travel Tips

Paul and I recently drove from New Jersey to California and during our trip, many reached out with questions so I created a few tips.

Travel Tip One:

Wash your windows at every gas station stop. This allows you to conserve the use of your windshield wipers and fluid.

Travel Tip Two:

Wear light and fluffy clothing while you are traveling. This allows you to move the easiest in a hurry and allows the breeze to cool you down quickly. Additionally, you may want to pack a light jacket or hoodie due to nights being chilly.

Travel Tip Three:

Pair your trip with a good wingman who doesn’t mind adjusting the playlist or opening a bottle of water while you drive.

Travel Tip Four: 

In Utah, the speed limit is 80. Please make sure you pass with care and stay to the right.

Travel Tip Five:

Drink plenty of water and try to take as many breaks as you can afford. Its important on any long distance trip that you rest your mind, body, and eyes. My personal suggestions would be to relax for at least 15-30 minutes every 4-6 hours.

Travel Tip Six: If you are traveling with a pet please make sure you bring a travel container for water and snacks. Also, purchase pet wipes to clean off their paws after using the restroom at stops along the way.

Bonus Pet Tip: Please monitor your pet for any sudden changes in mood, behavior or skin irritations as you will need to find the nearest pet hospital. Also, make sure you have all of your pets records and previous vet information If applicable.

Travel Tip Seven:

Wear sunscreen daily if you are traveling to a place with higher temperatures that you are used to.

Thank you

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