Mother’s Day 2020

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Did you remember that Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday? If not, now’s the time to think of a special way to make your mother’s (or closest maternal figure’s) day!

If you’re too busy to make her a gift (and buying one isn’t in the budget), the least you can do is give her a call. It can be a lengthy catch-up conversation, or a couple of quick words – just be sure to express genuine love, affection, and gratitude to the beautiful woman who brought you into this world (or otherwise influenced your upbringing in a special way)!

Calling our loved ones is not only great for maintaining close-knit, personal relationships with those nearest and dearest to us (which is great for our mental health and overall wellbeing) – it can actually boost our daily productivity!

A study by Wellness and Prevention Inc. asked people in various organizations to keep track of their energy levels throughout the day. To break up their daily routines, subjects were encouraged to engage in brief moments of physical activity every hour. These quick-but-focused exercises – called “microbursts” – actually improved energy levels significantly (…ever wonder why we send you these challenges every day?!). However, microbursts aren’t the only way to add a little pep to your step…

Subjects were also asked to assess their energy levels after drinking a cup of coffee, and the average response was 6.8 out of 10. When asked the same question after talking to a loved one on the phone for at least three minutes, the average energy level was 7. So, it turns out that a few minutes with Mama can give us more of a boost than a cup of java!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Celebrate Mother’s Day by calling your mother (or closest maternal/family figure … you know the one) and telling her how much you appreciate her tireless efforts. And if she lives nearby, make her day extra special by spending some quality time with her! Bonus points for getting her a card (or writing her a note) to let her know how much she means to you.

HOT SHOTS: Share a feel-good story about your mom (or maternal figure) with a few coworkers! Whether you’re reminiscing about a memorable conversation or a noteworthy event that still makes you smile, give them a glimpse of the amazing woman who raised you (or impacted your life in a special way).

SUPER-HOT HOT SHOTS: Go above and beyond to recognize another special mother in your life – whether it’s your sister, grandma, aunt, or just a good friend.

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