Happy Thursday

One thing all of you need to know about me is I’m going to LIVE. God has blessed me in so many ways, and over the past few weeks, I’ve been deep in meditation and prayer.

I remember the day I packed my 2011 Nissan rouge and drove 4 hours to New York, crying in the car and having a one-on-one with God. Seven years later, I’ve healed from Everything that almost broke me down.

One of my biggest challenges in growing out of my previous mindset was that I need to do life my way. I needed to release the hold over myself based on negative self-talk, abusive relationships, and toxic environments.

One of the damaging thoughts I had to overcome was “ I haven’t done anything with my life since high school” and that “I was a gold-digger.” Whew, God, Thank you for cleaning my space mentally, physically, and emotionally.

One thing that I did not do soon enough was seeking out assistance professionally for childhood trauma, drama, and social pressures.
I’m still growing and learning how to navigate life daily. But, I’m incredibly proud of my life decisions, professional growth, and business legacy.

I am incredibly excited to re-launch my blog in July.

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