One day a man will stand up in front of God and speak his naked truth Hell be the man that changes everything about me my last name, my address and my body for the birth of our child. I’ll shed tears of unconditional love, joy, and happiness.

Finally,  We will stand together as one and say I do…

Husband and Wife

I remember the night before we got married and having butterflies.  So, Here are my top tips for newly engaged women.

Tip One: Thank God for answering all of your prayers.

Tip Two: Create a wedding book to capture your thoughts, engagement memories and the untold story of the day.  Youll be reciting this story for years to come.

Tip Three: Get a manicure and relax.

Tip Four: Call your family and close friends and share the news with but do not feel pressured.

Tip Five: Start saving and creating a wedding budget this is will help when you start planning. Also, Start pinning your favorites to a private album to reference for inspiration.

Tip Six: Dress shopping can be overwhelming so drink plenty of water, wear some comfortable undergarments, Be open minded and bring a friend that will cheer you up.

More Coming Soon…

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