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    Lets talk about your Candle ReLaunch + More. You will be able to browse our latest additions to our store and so much more.  Firstly, Thank you so...
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    If you are looking for affordable custom stickers, Stay until the end of the post.

    As a business owner, you are responsible for a lot. Finalizing products, shipment order and building a brand. I have been looking for an easier way to run my business. Successfully business owners have teams and systems in place to meet their clients needs.

  • Splendid Spoon Update

    Splendid spoon offers plant-based, gluten-free, and ready-to-eat meals, designed to help you create healthy habits and finally change the way you think about food… for good! Splendid Spoon meals are providing:  Strength – Our grain bowls and soups have between 14 to 18 grams of protein per bowl. Protein is scientifically proven to increase muscle massContinue reading "Splendid Spoon Update"
  • The Splendid Spoon

    Excited Meal prepping made easy with the splendid spoon. I’m super excited to eat more plant based meals this year. Head back here this for an in-depth review of each product. ... splendidspoon #SSPartner #sponsored #JaiNishia #plantbased
  • YouTube

    Hey Guys, Welcome back to My Channel!️ My name is JaiNishia and I am a Las Vegas based Lifestyle enthusiasts, who likes to share tips, tricks and hacks as it relates to Fashion, Beauty, Family and overall Lifestyle. Shop My Store ️http://www.JaiNishia.com The Lip Bar ️http://thelipbar.refr.cc/jainishias Shop My Amazon Store ️Www.amazon.com/shop/jainishia Shop: Eczema Honey ️Continue reading "YouTube"
  • Ready for 2022

    We are less than six days away from a brand new year and Omg it went fast. I’m preparing to enter the new year with the intention of Healing, Happiness and Love. I’ll be making a few appointments to keep myself engaged through the year 1. Nail Salon Appointment 2. Massage Appointment 3. Whole FoodsContinue reading "Ready for 2022"
  • Six Days in Canada 🇨🇦

    Paul and I first came to Vancouver in February of 2019. We love it so much we’ve been trying to come back ever since . On our first trip we ate as some amazing restaurants and saw some beautiful places, here are some photos from our first trip. Restaurant and Sites: 1. Pure Bread BakeryContinue reading "Six Days in Canada 🇨🇦"
  • Portland

    One night Only, On our way to our final destination we stopped in Portland. We love to stay at Zags hotel. This hotel is dog friendly and they give you $15 in hotel credit to use at their marketplace. The also have charging stations by the vendor Blink. https://www.thehotelzags.com/rooms-suites
  • Holiday Trip 2021- Day One

    Hey guys I’m back with another holiday trip guide plus suggestion for driving to Canada. We made it to Utah in about six hours and stayed at the Marriott that was right next to the basketball arena. The arena was within walking distance from the hotel and was super clean and comfortable. We ate atContinue reading "Holiday Trip 2021- Day One"
  • Self Care

    Self-care is the practice of prioritizing your mental health. Over the past two years mental health has been the center of many conversations dealing with the long-haul effects of Covid. Companies have tried to increase Work Life Balance. Offering additional PTO days for hard work, gift cards to places like Amazon and The ability forContinue reading "Self Care"
  • DIY Brows

    Waxing my brows at home after I wasn’t satisfied with my two last appointments. I normally wax my brows every two months for $21 + Tip. After relocating to Nevada around 6 months ago it’s been hard replacing my precious technicians. It took me over 4 nails salons to finally find my personal favorite. So,Continue reading "DIY Brows"
  • Healing 2022

    Can you believe that we are less than 21 days away from 2021? And that 2019 it’s getting ready to be almost 3 years away. These last few years have been incredibly painful for a lot of families, friends, and communities. As I wanna extend my deepest gratitude to everyone for their hard work andContinue reading "Healing 2022"