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Rituals are essential to maintaining a balanced life. knowing that every moment is an opportunity to reflect, reset, and move forward with intention.

We talk a lot about self love, self care and healing intentionally here at Love and Happiness. At its most basic level, “intentional” means that something’s done on purpose; deliberately. So what does it mean to manage your life on purpose?

To us, it means understanding what you’re doing with your well being in every way … and why. How it all ties back to your life, your goals, and your values — the things that are important to you. And when you lean on your values to make short- and long-term decisions, the act of deciding becomes easier and more fulfilling.

Meditation at home is one of key ways that meditation is joined with daily life. Our Meditation Kits can uplift your meditation space will support and encourage a daily meditation practice. You are going to spend time in sitting meditation. Let your meditation room welcome and make you comfortable. We can also help with larger meditation bowl gongs and other supplies for group meditation.

Whether you carry crystals around with you, sleep with one next to your pillow, or follow ancient chakra practice and place stones directly on your body, make the most of their benevolent presence with this stunning guide. It features a crystal directory with each stone’s properties alongside superbly photographed examples so you can understand its secrets, realize its amazing powers, and enrich your life. See how to choose your personal stone, channel the natural energy of gems, and use them to balance chakras and as an aid to meditation.

Meditation is a great way to relive stress, reduce anxiety, and help with emotional healing. Here are a few resources / recommendations we wanted to share with you.

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