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My name is JaiNishia and thank you for visiting our site. I was bitten by the fashion bug in my early teens. I remember my Mom buying back to school clothes and not being overly excited by her choices. Sorry, Mom. Her fix to my dilemma was to give me the funds and allow me to shop for the items I wanted, and a budding fashionista was awakened!  

Having parents that are Army Veterans afforded me the opportunity to travel, live different places and meet amazing friends through the years. I have lived in the Hampton Roads Area, Charlotte, Atlanta, the DMV (DC, MD, VA area), the Jersey side of the Hudson River across from Manhattan, and I now call Los Angeles home. Living these different places and other travels have allowed me to see fashion from the east to west coasts, as well as getting stamps on my passport. 

I immersed myself in fashion magazines and blogs, and at one point even wanted to be a fashion designer. Although my career path has gone in a different direction, I have maintained my eye on fashion.  

Through the years, family and friends have always liked my fashion and accessory choices asking where I purchased something. I always shared the information, sending them to this site or that store, but I got the idea of offering the items for one stop shopping. After months of research, product testing and forums with family and friends, the Love and Happiness Store was launched! 

My other endeavors include my first venture, launched in 2017 while in New Jersey, a wedding studio called A Different Side of Love. Although wedding planning is our main objective, we also provide professional event planning for private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, product and book launches, promotions and not-for-profit events to name a few 

I also launched my Modern Lifestyle Blog in September 2018 where we offer cutting-edge wellness advice ranging from travel recommendations, best places to eat, daily mantras and self-love initiatives. We also upload weekly recipes, travel tips, fitness videos, and product reviews. 

“Love unconditionally. You’ll find happiness.” – JaiNishia 

Xo J


  • Thank you for sharing your business with the world. Peace and Blessings.

    MUCH!!! You’re kindness has
    brightened my spirit so much.
    You’ve always been so caring and
    amazing, and you deserve all the
    blessings you’re receiving and
    many more. Thank you.

    Veronica Owens
  • I appreciate how engaging Jainisha is with her customers emails coupons packaging thank you notes she goes up & above great customer service that’s why I’m a repeat customer thank you so much for your great products too at awesome prices‼️

    Carla Smith

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