Mothers Day Gift Guide

 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Show Mom She’s the Absolute Best

Shower Mom with all the love (and one of these amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas) this year!

Mom deserves the best this year, so treat her to one of these thoughtful, creative Mother’s Day gift ideas she’ll never forget

1. Mantra Bangles

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2. Journal

Today I Affirm: A Journal that Nurtures Self-Care

3. Handmade Lotion


How it all started.

   As a young woman, I have always been a gentle advocate of self-love & self-awareness. Just a few years ago, I became inspired to wear my natural hair. I relieved myself of all straightening tools, hair dyes, & any other additives in a mission to love & embrace my natural hair in a whole new way. That love transcended into a whole natural body care routine. Still, I struggled finding the right natural products for me. I wanted all of the benefits of natural body care, products that were NATURAL, HEALTHY for my body, & EFFECTIVE. I slowly began making my own body care products, & a love so deep blossomed within me. I focused on creating products that were both nourishing & beautifying. With passion & a love for self-awareness, I created LYL.

LYL By Jasmine Lang


4. Candles :

      Lighting a candle is a ritual that began and has continued from ancient times. It is symbolic of life of not walking in darkness. A candle lights the way for one to move forward even when the light only illuminates just a few feet ahead. The path that we walk in life is sometimes filled with darkness. The darkness of relationships, sickness, poverty or the dread of daily living. It is my belief that our thoughts can be a candlelight to illuminate our way out of any darkness. T.O.R.C.H  is an acronym for Thoughts of Rich Choices and Habits. Our mission is to inspire and empower people by reminding them that their thoughts are a prayer. That they are always moving in the direction of their most dominant thought. -Torch LA

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5. Pop bath works

Our mission

Its our mission to create unique and quality products that encourage people to love the skin their in and have the confidence to live authentically. 

our vision

to inspire transparency, self love, and authenticity.



Quality products

we promise to develop products with quality and locally sourced ingredients. 


life is better when you’re laughing and having fun!


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