One thing that kept bothering me for the past week was remembered to fight for what you’re worth. For remembering that even though you may work for an employer that your needs are also important. Everyone including those close to you will get away with mistreating you if you let them. (Trust the process)

I applied for a job and was contacted to do the interview. That interview was a mental struggle my uber driver dropped me off at a gated community and I had to walk about two blocks to get there. Omg, I’m not making this up. ( I recorded a small video and laughed watching the replay. )

Once I was offered the job the monetary offer was less than what was verbally discussed. I batted with not saying anything and working my way through the ranks by showing myself worthy but then I was reminded that I bring years worth of experience and I need to negotiate this.

Thank God for guiding me through, After speaking with the manager a new offered letter was drafted. (Trust God and remember that your life has a purpose beyond your understanding.)

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