Don’t be afraid to network with those around you we are all trying to make it. Its amazing to me that some people think that if they put someone else on that it automatically dims their light.

Nothing that God made for you can be obtained by anyone else, We can all sell the same item but we do not all the same passion. I encourage you to find a mentor in your chosen field, following them and attend events. Take notes and adjust your profile and pitch to match your goals.

Recently I attended a masterclass hosted by Gwen Lane which was life-changing and a blogger informational webinar hosted by Candice Nicole. Both individuals offered these classes complimentary just bridge the gap and help others which is top notch. Everyone claims that knowledge is key, well we live in a technology-driven world. It’s almost as if we experiencing an overwhelming overload. But needless to say, you can do this!

I am super excited to work with two boss babes for the upcoming self-love weekend in 2019. Stay tuned….

Let’s Network

More Coming Soon…

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