Over the past four years I have taken classes, read many books and followed some influential people and I came up with Five resources that changed the way I planned for my business.

Here are the following:

1. USPS offers free shipping supplies

USPS offers prepaid printing for shipping and returns and the offer a PO box return so you don’t have to use your physical home address.

2.  Instagram and Facebook professionals offer free masterclasses

Previous classes, I’ve attended where hosted by Gwen Lane and Candice Nicole.

3. YouTube and Google offer a wealth of information and guided videos.

4. Local library

I go to the library once a week if time permits and look over old books, I do also search the internet but sometimes it helps to focus without any distractions.

5. Go Daddy: I paid for my domain name for only .99 a year.

6. Vista print: The offer you 500 business cards for less than $10

7. Google: You can set up Google alerts for your name and brand for free

8. Back your blog to a google documents so you dont lose your content 

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