Self Care

Self-care is the practice of prioritizing your mental health. Over the past two years mental health has been the center of many conversations dealing with the long-haul effects of Covid. Companies have tried to increase Work Life Balance. Offering additional PTO days for hard work, gift cards to places like Amazon and The ability for most jobs to be remote.

But less to have a little bit deeper into mental health and talk about it. Or let’s talk about what’s not being said. Mental health is much more than just how you’re feeling. It’s more so centered around how you react when you feel a certain way. Do you get headaches? Does your body start to tremble? Are you paranoid or anxious?

Those are the real conversations that we need to be talking about for mental health and more so how we can take care of ourselves when our body feels that way. Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand on how to calm your body down and breathe.

By inhaling and exhaling for five minutes a day, it calms her nervous system down where you can now I think a little bit more clearly.

By drinking a bottle of water in the morning when you wake up it allows toxins to be released early in the day.

By not getting on social media for the first hour of the day allows you to experience gratitude.

By placing your phone on do not disturb throughout the day you are allowed to stay present.

If you’re having harmful feelings or do you feel like you’re like your life is in danger please seek professional assistance.

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