• Complementary #FaulHaul

    I received these products forfree from Influenster, Chapstick, and Oxi Clean in exchange for my honest review. Pumpkin pie and everything nice oh my godthat’s amazing Chapstick that we know in lovewith a pumpkin pie limited edition but I can’tlive without. Same effective formula with anorange you and I that reminds you ofThanksgiving. ChapStickObsessed #complimentaryContinue reading "Complementary #FaulHaul"
  • Meditation Tools

    Rituals are essential to maintaining a balanced life. knowing that every moment is an opportunity to reflect, reset, and move forward with intention. We talk a lot about self love, self care and healing intentionally here at Love and Happiness. At its most basic level, “intentional” means that something’s done on purpose; deliberately. So whatContinue reading "Meditation Tools"
  • LoveHappiness

    LoveHappiness has clean candles, meditation crystals, and self-care essentials. Browse the entire website here — Read on www.loveandhappiness.co/collections/all
  • Keys Soulcare

    I fell in love with these curated products as soon as I heard about them. I placed an order in December of 2020 and haven’t looked back since. Taking care of your soul is healing, therapeutic and calming. For the body I love their sacred body oil + cream . I live by the TransformationContinue reading "Keys Soulcare"
  • More Intentional

    This week’s mood: Being intentional We talk a lot about self-love, self-care, and healing intentionally here at Love and Happiness. At its most basic level, “intentional” means that something’s done on purpose; deliberately. So what does it mean to manage your money on purpose? To us, it means understanding what you’re doing with your well-beingContinue reading "More Intentional"
  • Lessons for 33

    Another year around the sun, I survived a 400 square foot apartment, a pandemic, moving to a new state, and buying a new car. Whew, My God, thankful for the continuous growth.
  • God Bless

    13 doorbells rang. 13 flags will be folded. 13 families will never be the same.Young heroes, we will not forget you. 🇺🇸 U.S. Marine, Sgt Johanny Rosario (25)U.S. Marine, Cpl Hunter Lopez (22)U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui (22)U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum (20)U.S. Marine, LCpl Jared Schmitz (20)U.S. Marine, LCpl David Lee Espinoza (20)U.S. Navy,Continue reading "God Bless "
  • Grace

    For my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Los Angeles Mission. I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal. And if you decide to give, you canContinue reading "Grace"
  • Delivery + Ownership Updates

    Black Widow is here; she was delivered Saturday, August 21st. I officially joined the EV family this past weekend, and It was The Best decision ever. #TeslaModel3 #EV Delivery was so fast That I almost missed it. Our car was originally scheduled for 10 am. However, the night before, we got an automated callContinue reading "Delivery + Ownership Updates"
  • Out of office…

    Vacation Refresh  Love and Happiness will be out of Office from August 31st -September 12th Covid-19 has taken a toll on life and how we approach it. Stepping away to regroup is necessary. Our CEO worked the front lines during the peak of the pandemic and relocated to Nevada. She is in search of inspirationContinue reading "Out of office…"
  • Zip |Previously Quadpay

    Have you checked out Zip? Get $10 off your first order when you sign-up and use my referral code: 0QLDPR Download the app: https://t23h.adj.st/?adj_t=8dzlla7 Terms & conditions: https://www.quadpay.com/refer-a-friend/?redirect=app QuadPay was acquired by Zip effective August 16th, 2021. Same great benefits more rewards.
  • Tesla Delivery- Prep

    Hey guys, It’s been a long seven weeks, but after receiving our VIN, we will officially take delivery Saturday, August 22nd, 2021and I’m super excited. I started documenting our journey when we ordered our car on June 30th. Our first video explained the ordering process and how I researched offers for new EV owners likeContinue reading "Tesla Delivery- Prep"