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  • Complementary #FaulHaul

    I received these products forfree from Influenster, Chapstick, and Oxi Clean in exchange for my honest review. Pumpkin pie and everything nice oh my godthat’s amazing Chapstick that we know in lovewith a pumpkin pie limited edition but I can’tlive without. Same effective formula with anorange you and I that reminds you ofThanksgiving. ChapStickObsessed #complimentaryContinue reading "Complementary #FaulHaul"
  • Meditation Tools

    Rituals are essential to maintaining a balanced life. knowing that every moment is an opportunity to reflect, reset, and move forward with intention. We talk a lot about self love, self care and healing intentionally here at Love and Happiness. At its most basic level, “intentional” means that something’s done on purpose; deliberately. So whatContinue reading "Meditation Tools"
  • LoveHappiness

    LoveHappiness has clean candles, meditation crystals, and self-care essentials. Browse the entire website here — Read on www.loveandhappiness.co/collections/all