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  • Reflection

    Life does open up when you start to visualize yourself as the person you’ve always dreamed of being. For me, it was just realizing that there were no ceilings. It was just me outgrowing some old habits, seeking new mentors, and showing up—an entire agreement, self-discipline , and having true accountability partners. Over the pastContinue reading "Reflection"
  • Ownership

    Happy Monday, Ownership God has a way of humbling you and making sure you understand the order of his steps. I created my first business in 2016, and I was wildly unprepared. However, when I launched Love and Happiness, I was finally ready after years of research and saving capital. I’ll turn down a...
  • It’s official #TeslaFamily

    We ordered a #Tesla 2021 model 3, and I’m super excited and proud. I’ve been talking about and having a Tesla on my vision board since 2018. I had a 2011 Nissan rouge, and after moving to Las Vegas and struggling to make it, I knew it was near time for a new car. One...