Chanel or not to Chanel?

Hey Guys,

Today we are exploring two luxurious lotions by Chanel. I was on the fence about trying this lotion because we all know products went worth splurging on. This item has been on my watch list for a while and after the pandemic, I’ve slowly but sure getting the things off my to-do, want to try, and bucket list.

So, I ordered two Chanel hand creme and baby wow. I can’t believe it took me so long to order these luxury goods. Okay, I know what your thinking, and honestly sis you need them. We all deserve nice things right? Well let me explain the difference between the two I purchase along with the cost and availability.

I ordered two hand creams from the channel website at retail price. The La Creme Main Texture and the Le Lift La Creme Main. I choose these for both the benefits of ingredients and popularity.

The La Creme Main Texture retails for $50 in a 1.7 Fl size. This Creme was designed to Nourish, Protect and Brighten skin with key ingredients such as Rose Wax, Shea Butter, and Glycerin. Its keep features are to prime the skin by locking in moisture and targeted your skin to feel and be more hydrated. Its scent is very noticeable but fades shortly after application.

The Le Lift La Creme Main retails for $65 in a 1.7 FL size. This cream was designed to Smooth, Even, and Replenishes the skin with key ingredients such as Botanical Alfalfa Concentrate which is known to be efficient and retinol. Its scent is delicate, color slightly pink and texture absorbent.

First impression:

I like them both, since applying them to test my skin feels ultra-hydrated and soft. And I’m loving the soft scent of Le Lift. I will keep you guys updated over time of me using them in future videos of must haves and monthly empty products.

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