Done Crying…

It’s really over, there is no turning back from here. Every bad vibe you put out comes back each time, It’s called KARMA.

The lies have drained me, broke my heart and I’m done. I’m the only one who can LIVE my life, I value everyone opinion BUT it’s valueless.

I’m NOT… Rude or Mean. I Don’t Think; I’m better than anyone else

Above all, I’m human and the most understand ing person. But, I have standards/limits.

You can’t love someone and HURT them.

You can’t talk behind someone BACK and smile in their face.

You can’t assume I know how you FEEL if you’ve never actually told me.

Plus, the truth is I don’t care.

Let’s move on and Be pleased, gracious and blessed to witness the mercy afforded to us.

Xo J

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