Happy Friday

I started my personal self love journey about 6 years ago after a long string of bad breakups .

{Before I met my husband }

I over time learned to love myself genuinely not when I lost weight, not when I graduated from college and not when I found a man.

Daily I found out what I liked and others that I didn’t care to much for and put my energy in those things.

I traveled and read books and I made changes .

You can’t change if you don’t change anything around you.

Like all sisterhoods,  patience is required, I Iove you and sincerely want nothing but the best for you! So lets genuinely support, encourage and love one another on purpose.

Committing to talking more often, building each other up and sharing tips on life, parenting and love. Now, we must keep each other honest and know that nothing will ever be said in a harmful manner. Here’s to lifelong bonds being created and nourished forever.

This group / annual event will be a safe group place to share, create and meditate out dreams by networking and bonding sharing one comment goal Self #TheSisterhoodLink

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