Healing 2022

Can you believe that we are less than 21 days away from 2021? And that 2019 it’s getting ready to be almost 3 years away. These last few years have been incredibly painful for a lot of families, friends, and communities. As I wanna extend my deepest gratitude to everyone for their hard work and preservation over the last few years.

I know you’re tired I know you’re scared and I know you’re anxious to get over everything that we’ve been through. I want to say that I love you and that you are important and that we will get through this. For me, it’s been such a deep and personal journey of healing since 2014. I don’t think we take enough time to grieve I don’t think we understand the importance of that process and what it does to our emotional intelligence in relationships that we approach thereafter.

This year has taught me so much about patience, perseverance, planning, and faith. We’ve all been planning our lives since we were kids for moments were adults and we can make our own decisions the best decisions for our families. Now look at us, We are the New adults raising the bar for the next generation.

I saw a meme yesterday they said that no one wants to claim 2022 as Their year. And I beg to differ. I’m excited for 2022 and what’s coming. I think that if you have blind faith you can achieve everything. It’s just about executing your vision unapologetically and going after everything that you want. Life is so precious and we have to really just take the time to appreciate the moments. I know we can get tied up into the daily grind the Monday through Friday and the weekend splurge. But if you were reading this or if you’re still breathing you have the power to turn your life around.

Here are a few tips on how you can achieve peace every day.

Create a safe space near home to journal and think.

Do not check your mobile device an hour before bed and an hour after getting up.

Indulge in and everything that makes you smile.

Take more time caring for yourself and saying no.

You can start over as many times as your need to.

Spend more time with the people that show up for you whenever you call.

Apologize for yourself for not taking enough time out for your desires. Also allow yourself some grace if you’ve added on a few pounds if you haven’t done everything on your to do list or if you simply haven’t done enough.

Meditation Space + Journal station
Healing Corner

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