Healthier Home

Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser:

I burn lavender, lemon and rose daily and sometimes over night to aid my sleep.

We wash our bed sheets, comforter and towels once a week. {Everything is all white and I Bleach it }

Our living room couch has a remover cover that we wash twice a month. {From Ikea}

iRobot Roomba: We currently have our Roomba set, on a daily timer for one hour to vacuum our living room .

I remove the trash once a day and wipe Down all surfaces two- three times a week.

I dust bi-weekly, and do a deep cleaning a month.

As far as our bathroom, I clean the tub twice a month deeply and do weekly Maintance.

I wash Charlie’s covers, dog bed and toys twice a month if not more with non-bleach. Charlie* is our dog .

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