Revamp Your Lunch

Rethink Your Lunch!

Do you purchase your lunch each day? You may not think you’re spending much, but at an average of $10 per meal, you could be spending close to $2,500 per year on your lunches. If you’re looking to cut back on costs this week (or this month … or this year), start by slashing your lunch spending!

Bringing a lunch doesn’t have to mean a sad sandwich or a soggy salad. Switch things up and go for a grain bowl instead! In addition to being a delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make option for lunch, grain bowls are great for breakfast and dinner, too.  

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Set up a grain-bowl potluck with your workplace pals! Have one person bring the grain, one bring the protein, and one bring the veggies – then put ‘me all together and enjoy! Share your favorite grain bowl on the mobile app.

To construct a perfect grain bowl, you’ll need three parts: grain (duh), protein, and veggies. Here are a few of our favorite grain-bowl go-tos:

Grains (pick one for the base!):

•             Brown rice

•             Millet

•             Quinoa

•             Teff

•             Oats

•             Buckwheat

•             Bulgur

•             …or whatever you have left over from last night’s dinner!

Proteins (add one on top!):

•             Chicken

•             Eggs (think poached, for breakfast)

•             Salmon

•             Tuna

•             Turkey

•             Lentils

•             Chickpeas

•             Greek yogurt

•             Beans (all kinds!)

•             Cheese (low-fat, like Swiss, mozzarella, or feta)

•             Sardines

•             …be creative! 

Veggies (fill ‘err up!):

•             Sweet potato

•             Carrots

•             Cabbage

•             Healthy salsa (for a Mexican-inspired grain bowl)

•             Kale

•             Spinach

•             Arugula

•             Romaine (grill it for an extra-yummy taste)

•             Mushrooms

•             Peas

•             Peppers

•             Sprouts

•             …the possibilities are truly endless!

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