What’s that smell?

We (as humans) rely most heavily on our sense of sight to experience and navigate the world around us – but it’s actually our sense of smell that’s the strongest of the five! It’s the only sense tied directly to our limbic system, which is the area of our brain that processes memories and emotions. That’s why the smell of a familiar odor often “flashes us back” to a specific time or experience.

Barbeques and freshly cut grass likely make you think of carefree summertime. The smell of sunscreen, salt water, or chlorine may remind you of a vacation you took a few years back. The smell of apple pie might remind you of your Grandma. And don’t even get us started on the smells of the holidays…   

But our sense of smell can go far beyond helping us harken back to the good ol’ days. Recent studies have shown that particular odors are almost always associated with an improved mood – making us feel more positive and productive throughout the day. Take a look at these popular scent-mood pairings to see how you can amp up your productivity today:

•             To wake up: Rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint

•             To get happy: Fresh-cut grass and vanilla

•             To de-stress: Lavender, jasmine, and pine

•             To concentrate: Peppermint and lemon

•             To curb your appetite: Olive oil

•             To fall asleep: Lavender 


Use that nose (if you can)!

Pay attention to what you smell throughout the day.

Do any memories come flooding back?

How do you feel after smelling certain smells? And did any of the above scents work for you?

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