Tips for calling

  • You must dial Calling 911 on a company land line phone requires an outside line.   
  • 911 is for emergency situations only.  Only call 911 if someone is hurt or in danger and where a law enforcement officer, fire fighter or emergency medical help is needed right away.  If you are unsure of whether your situation is an emergency, call 911 but do not call 911 just to get a faster response.  If your need is not an emergency, you should know and call the regular business line for the police/rescue personnel. 
  • Be calm.  Take a deep breath and wait for the operator to say “What is your emergency?” before speaking.    
  • Let the 911 operator guide the conversation.  These operators are highly trained and know what pertinent details are required for any given situation. 
  • Cell phone or land line?  If you call 911 from your cell phone, the operator will not know where you are but if you call from a “land line” or a traditional phone, your location will print out on the operator’s display.  Either way, be prepared to tell the operator where you are in as much detail as possible.  
  • Don’t hang up even if you called 911 by mistake.   If you call 911 by mistake, don’t just hang up.  The operator may think this is an emergency situation and dispatch emergency personnel with lights and sirens to your location.  If you called in error, just wait for the operator to answer and tell them that you made a mistake.  Answer any questions they have and don’t hang up until the operator terminates the call.    
  • Testing the 911 system on company phones.  Only our network or telecom team should be testing the 911 system.  If, for some reason, you believe your 911 system is not working, contact the telecom team and they will conduct whatever tests are required to verify the system is operational.  Do not just call 911 to test the system. 

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