Tips for Traveling:

We traveled with Charlie by Car  so listed below are all the things we brought or purchased for him:

  • A copy of all his routine vaccinations ( Make sure they are up to date)
  • A winter vest, outdoor shoes, and plenty his favorite toys
  • We found a PetSmart and purchased shampoo ( We smelled like WET Dog
  • We also picked up a second bag of treats by Richmond Farms ( A 100% natural freeze dried chicken treat made in Canada which Charlie Loves. )
  • Two sets of Dog Beds and Blankets

I would suggest checking Yelp for recommendations on Pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities.


  • Passport / Passport Card
  • A Debit or Credit card with no Foreign fees
  • Find A Local Currency Exchange Location (We Found Charlie’s near Granville)
  • Download a Currency Exchange App, To understand the price in the US Dollars
  • Google traffic light meaning for blinking green
  • Google or download an app for metric conversion (Canada uses Miters, Celcius,  and Kilometers)

Hotel: Execute Hotel


  • They Accept Pets
  • Amazing view of the surrounding area
  • Renovated bathroom with modern touches
  • Supper Friendly hospitality staff
  • Secure Parking with a locked gate
  • Daily wine tasting from 5pm-6pm


  • Small room size
  • Near a construction site
  • Older finishes
  • Under Construction

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