What I know for sure…

What I know for sure…

Just know even if you don’t see my husband often, he always has my back. My prayer before, Marriage was that we would love each other unconditionally.

Honestly, No one truly prepared for me marriage, as a society we don’t talk about it openly as much as we do divorce. All I heard prior was that it’s just a piece of paper, and never seriously valued.

God has blessed me with such an amazing life partner; thats selfless, compassionate, and forgiving.

In the beginning, I wondered if I was deserving everything led me to believe that I wasn’t good enough . I was quickly reminded that I was, All relationships are marathons and are worthy to be celebrated.

My advice to a newly single, engaged, or married person is that you totally invested in your partner the good, bad and ugly. Through every moment you learn their pain and high points. Help them, learn and grow together. There are a lot of miserable, unhappy and rude people.

Don’t block your blessings because someone else’s looks different, Seek God and he will provide .

Until next time,
Xo JaiNishia

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